Kremlin-Hillsdale School has partnered with Keystone Foodservice to provide quality, nutritious meals to our students every school day.


"At Keystone, we believe cafeteria food can be nutritious and delicious at the same time. Our goal is to cook nutritious foods that kids will want to eat, and that’s what we do each and every day at the dozens of schools we serve.


Char-grilled hamburgers, pasta primavera and buffalo chicken are all on the menu in Keystone cafeterias. Each day brings the promise of a fresh fruit and salad bar and a balanced meal the kids can’t wait to sink their teeth into." KEYSTONE FOODSERVICE



Breakfast and lunch are available. Breakfast begins at 8 a.m. 

Breakfast:Students $1.45
 Staff      $1.45
 Guest     $1.95
 Students-7-12  $2.90


 Guest             $3.95
Extras:Milk (ea.)$.50
 Water (ea.)$.50

Free and reduced meals are provided to students who qualify. Applications are available at Kremlin-Hillsdale School.

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